How do I Access GoMetro's Websocket?

GoMetro Bridge Websocket

This is a websocket protocol. Connect using:


When a successful websocket connection is made, one of two responses is received:

:not-found The fleet-name is unknown. The websocket will close.

:hello A valid fleet is selected. Send the fleet token within 10 seconds.


If no token is received within 10 seconds:

:timeout The websocket will close.


Validation of the token can result in one of two responses:

:invalid-token Authentication failed. The websocket will close.

:success Indicates that authentication succeeded. Streaming will commence.


Further notes:

● Subsequent to :success message, vehicle updates will start to stream.

● Vehicle updates are encoded as JSON objects.

● One vehicle update is received per response.

● The updates contain a source-id which is unique per vehicle.